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How to Create a Swipe File? (A Guide for Bloggers and Marketers)

How to Create a Swipe File? (A Guide for Bloggers and Marketers)

In this article, I’ve discussed “How to Create a Swipe File like a Professional?” We all experience creative blocks from time to time, but getting beyond it is much easier if you have a swipe file. Advertising copywriters and creative directors frequently keep a swipe file as a resource for project ideas.

What is a Swipe File?

A swipe file is a collection of clever concepts—examples of excellent work you may browse and use as inspiration when you need it. It should serve as a library of template files.

There’s no need to start from scratch each time you compose a blog post. Copy what you already know to be effective instead.

You can keep a swipe file for everything, including copywriting, ad concepts, and blog headlines. Nevertheless, for the purposes of this article, we’ll just concentrate on social network swipe files and how to create one for your team.

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Best Open-Source Swipe Files Examples

Have you ever been at a loss for ideas when writing an email, landing page, advertisement, or something similar? 

To ensure you have access to all the information and best practice suggestions you require, we’ve gathered some of the top websites with actual instances of all the aforementioned.

1. Instapage Landing Page

Your bottom line will significantly benefit from a strong landing page, thus the more ideas, the better! Instapage has compiled a number of landing pages that have been successfully used in the real world so you may get some inspiration for experimenting with and increasing conversions.

2. Crayon

Crayon is a very thorough resource. Although we’ve already discussed it, our list also includes it because it’s so excellent. With Crayon’s granular search, you can even browse by CMS or industry as it lists marketing materials and real-world examples of all kinds.

3. Instagram Story Ads

Being so new, Instagram Story advertising can be challenging to place for your company. Sprout Social’s excellent ad resource is fortunately available to ease your burden.


Photographs of finished products or works in progress can be uploaded to Dribbble, which is popular among web designers. However, even if you’re not a designer, it’s a terrific location to find all types of visual inspiration. Dribbble’s “shots”—tiny pictures with a basketball theme—have everything from color schemes to unique logo concepts.

5. Ad espresso’s Facebook Ad

In order to help you locate the right inspiration right away, Ad espresso has gathered nearly 200,000 examples of Facebook advertisements and made them simply searchable.

This comprehensive resource is a great place to start if you need ideas for copy, a picture, a lead magnet, or a call to action.

6. Excellent Emails

The website Really Good Emails does exactly what it says on the tin: it displays brand emails of all kinds. You can quickly locate what you’re searching for whether you need an example of an onboarding process or a simple mailshot because they’re all nicely organized.

7. File Swipe/Swiped

Swipe File is a simple and direct resource for adding swipes to your file, listing instances of everything from billboards to sign-up forms in both the real world and online.

Swiped delivers on its promise to provide inspiration that can be swiped for a variety of purposes. It’s interesting that you can search by age, with resources divided into categories like modern and 1990s and earlier.

Best Swipe File Ideas for Bloggers and Marketers

You must first get inspiration in order to build an idea bank. Discard the notion that inspiration will strike haphazardly and at random, like lightning.

Instead, keep in mind that you can find inspiration at anytime and anywhere—even by looking for it.

What you need to do is change your perspective and broaden your consciousness to realize that every moment can be an opportunity for contentment.

Here are four locations to check for concepts you may not have thought of:

1. Your Internal Group

The most successful content marketers learn how to use their internal resources as assets in the production of their content.

Ask your team for topic suggestions that you can put immediately into your content piggy bank for a rainy day. Do the same with your team.

Instruct and train your team to look for content ideas that come from recurring meeting topics, open-ended questions, internal organizational changes, or news and website topic voids that need to be filled.

Create an email so that anyone on your team can easily add to your growing swipe file.

2. Your Clients

Your current clients or consumers are the best people to provide you with excellent content ideas.

Asking them to respond to a few straightforward questions will help you generate content that will propel your prospects down the funnel because they have insights that go right to the core of your brand:

  • What details did you need before working with a business like ours?
  • What information could have aided you in choosing a product to buy?
  • What do you wish we had known before you hired us?
  • What kind of stuff could we offer you that would make you adore us?

Your sales team undoubtedly has gold nuggets waiting for them in their outbox. Since they deal with concerns and objections on a regular basis, you should be able to identify excerpts from previously published blog articles in their email and add those, along with your consumer insights, to your swipe file.

3. Industry Sources

The greatest method to acquire timely, relevant inspiration for your swipe file is to stay current on news, trends, predictions, and thought leadership within your own business.

By following trade publications, blogs, conferences, events, and your rivals, you can keep one step ahead of the competition.

To go one step further, develop your social media channels’ custom lists or feeds to make discovery as simple as checking and “swiping” for 10 minutes every morning.

4. How You Live

You can find content inspiration at any time, even in life’s most seemingly insignificant situations. Keep an eye out for encounters and conversations that offer insights you may use in your content development projects.

This post was designed to expand on my opinion that being watchful and continually gathering ideas are just a few characteristics of a creative person.

You’ll be astonished at what happens to you when you least expect it if you increase your awareness of the material in your own life.

How to Create Your Own Swipe File?

1. Email Swipe File (Guide)

Here are my top seven suggestions for creating a highly useful email swipe file.

  • Use a different email address
  • Subscribe to a lot of other nonprofits
  • Subscribe to political campaigns
  • Filter by nonprofit
  • Label and filter by holidays
  • Label and filter by transaction
  • Let go, and let Gmail

2. OneNote Swipe File and use Sticky Note (Guide)

Even if you haven’t launched OneNote, you can still make a Quick Note.

  • Press Windows + Alt + N on your keyboard to start.
  • Press N to start a new Quick Note when the window for sending notes to OneNote appears.
  • In the little note window, type your message.
  • For any Quicker Notes you want to make, just follow the preceding instructions.

3. Calendar Swipe File

  • Your content frequency
  • Key dates (sales, launches, promotions)
  • An understanding of the products and services you’re promoting
  • Your Content Buckets
  • A swipe file
  • An editorial calendar

4. Use Twitter Bot

  • Use Memit twitter bots to save bookmarks that you see while using twitter.
  • Various Twitter Apps/Bots like –
    • @makeitaquote: This tool lets you save your favourite tweets in a quote format. Several other bots like @pikaso_me, @memedotai
    • Use @SaveToNotion bot to directly save tweets in your Notion folder.
    • Save twitter threads with @readwise twitter bot.

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