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Softwares & Gadgets Used by Indian Finance Creators

Softwares & Gadgets Used by Indian Finance Creators

Have you ever found yourself intrigued by the seamless financial insights shared by your favorite creators? Behind the scenes, a fascinating world of technology unfolds as Indian finance creators wield an impressive arsenal of software and gadgets to craft compelling content for their audience. In this blog, we embark on a journey to demystify the tools that power the financial narratives you consume. Softwares & Gadgets Used by Indian Finance Creators

As consumers of financial content, we often marvel at the clarity and depth of analysis presented by our cherished creators. Yet, the devices, gadgets, and software they employ to distill complex financial concepts and market trends remain shrouded in mystery. This blog seeks to unravel that mystery, offering a comprehensive exploration of the technological infrastructure that propels the content creation process in the realm of finance.

Whether you’re an aspiring finance enthusiast or a seasoned investor, understanding the tools of the trade can deepen your appreciation for the dedication and precision involved in crafting financial content. Join us as we unveil the devices, gadgets, and software shaping the narratives that keep you informed and engaged in the ever-evolving landscape of finance. Get ready for an insider’s look into the sophisticated tech toolkit wielded by Indian finance creators, transforming data into digestible insights for audiences around the globe.

Ishan Sharma: Entrepreneur, Author, and Educator

Softwares & Gadgets Used by Indian Finance Creators - Ishan Sharma


Meet Ishan Sharma, a dynamic 21-year-old residing in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, currently experiencing the pinnacle of his life’s journey. Ishan is a multifaceted individual who passionately shares insights on career, freelancing, and business through his active presence on various social media platforms.

Entrepreneurial Journey

In the realm of entrepreneurship, Ishan co-founded “MarkitUp,” a remote marketing agency comprising 25 talented individuals. At MarkitUp, the team specializes in crafting viral content marketing strategies, aiding startups and individuals in achieving organic growth on social media.

Academic Decision

In a bold move, Ishan decided to drop out of his electrical engineering program at BITS Goa in 2022. This pivotal decision allowed him to dedicate his full attention to his burgeoning YouTube channel and business endeavors.

Literary Accomplishments

Ishan is not just an entrepreneur; he is also a published author. At the age of 18, in 2020, he authored his first book titled “Crush it on LinkedIn,” available on Amazon, which successfully sold over 5000 copies. Adding to his literary repertoire, Ishan is set to release his second book, “Unicorn Secret,” co-authored with Kushal Lodha, showcasing stories of 20 unicorn founders of India, scheduled for a mid-2023 launch.

Public Speaker and Educator

Ishan’s influence extends beyond the written word. He has delivered impactful speeches at over 15 colleges, engaging with thousands of students across the country. Additionally, Ishan has shared his knowledge as a coding instructor at Unacademy, delivering over 350 hours of live classes on Python and JavaScript.

Online Presence

With a substantial online presence, Ishan boasts a YouTube channel with 1.15 million subscribers, 1,207 videos, and an impressive 188 million views since joining in August 2019. His content spans a variety of topics related to technology, career, and entrepreneurship.

Connect with Ishan Sharma

Tech Arsenal

Ishan’s daily tech essentials include:

Follow Ishan on his social media platforms to stay updated on his entrepreneurial journey, literary ventures, and educational initiatives.

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