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Softwares & Gadgets Used by Indian Automobile Bloggers/Creators

Gadgets Used by Indian Automobile Bloggers

Explore the tech arsenal of Indian auto bloggers: From video editing on Adobe Premiere to capturing adventures with GoPro, they leverage cutting-edge tools for an immersive content journey. How automotive bloggers capture and produce compelling content for their audience?

Faisal Khan (Faisal Khan Biography & Faisal Khan Gadgets)

Softwares & Gadgets Used by Indian Automobile Bloggers/Creators

Faisal Khan, an accomplished entrepreneur and the founder of MotorBeam and FK-R, is a dynamic personality known for his unparalleled influence in the Indian automobile landscape. Armed with an MBA in Finance, Faisal has seamlessly blended his academic acumen with his passion for cars and motorcycles.

As India’s pioneering automobile blogger, Faisal boasts the title of the country’s foremost automobile influencer, commanding a staggering combined subscriber base exceeding 3 million fans. His YouTube channel, launched in 2013, is a testament to his commitment to providing viewers with a genuine, unfiltered experience of driving various vehicles through POV vlogs. Faisal’s content extends beyond conventional reviews, delving into behind-the-scenes glimpses of his shoots, travel escapades, and office routine.

From the most affordable to the most extravagant vehicles, including trucks, tractors, and tuk-tuks, Faisal captures the essence of each encounter. His daily vlogs, accompanied by a YouTube live session every weekend, offer a consistent dose of authentic automotive experiences. Faisal’s approach is characterized by raw, unscripted narratives, fostering an honest, enjoyable, and relatable connection with his audience.

Apart from his engaging YouTube channel, Faisal maintains an active online presence across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, sharing numerous posts and stories daily. With FK-R and MotorBeam, Faisal Khan has solidified his position as a trailblazer in the Indian automotive content creation space, leaving an indelible mark on enthusiasts worldwide.

Connect with Faisal Khan: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Websites:, YouTube Channel: (1.99M subscribers, 2,655 videos, 1,027,462,880 views, joined Jul 31, 2013)

Softwares & Gadgets Used by Indian Automobile Blogger Faisal Khan

Action Camera 1

GoPro HERO7 Black –

Action Camera 2

Gopro Hero 6 –


Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK DSLM Mirrorless 4K Camera –

Lens –

Panasonic H-E08018 F/2.8-22 –

Big Mic –

Rode USB Videomic Pro+ –

Small Mic –

Boya BY-M1 Pro –

GoPro Audio Adapter –

GoPro AAMIC-001 USB Type C to 3.5mm –

Tripod –

JOBY Jb01507-Bww-Gorillapod –

Mobile Gimbal –


Editing Software –

Apple FCP X

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