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How To Open a US Bank Account in India?

How To Open a US Bank Account in India?

In this article, I’ve discussed on How you can Open a US Bank Account in India & from India without visiting any office. We all know that whether working with a foreign client or as a freelancer or business wanting to deal with American clients, you must have an account in a US bank.

Whether you are planning to move to America or looking forward to opening a bank account in US dollars, you must know that opening an online account being a non-resident in the World’s largest economical bank is not an easy task.

It will require lengthy bureaucratic procedures as well as a draining form-filling process. However, the task may be tough, but it is not impossible. With the right guidance, and correct Information, opening a US bank account from sitting in India, is possible.

Many of the World’s leading international companies like N26, WiseMulti currency Account, Revolut, etc. do not offer digital bank services in India. It means that we Indians have trouble accessing these international bank details from sitting in India. Hence, it becomes crucial for us to open a US bank account from India. In this article, we will give you the benefits that come with owning a US bank account, for non-residents.

Benefits of Opening a US Bank Account

Getting entrance to a US bank account can open numerous gates of benefits for Indians who want to specialize with US clients or explore abroad or also for those who have never set foot there. While there are multiple benefits of opening a Bank account in America, the top benefits of opening a US Bank Account are as follows-

  • You get a Debit card, that you can use in 50+ countries, including US dollars
  • You can utilize this account to get paid by clients in dollars.
  • You can send money domestically within the US.
  • You can store US dollars against Indian rupees, to use at the time of Inflation.
  • Invest in US stocks, EFT, and a variety of other portfolios like cryptocurrencies like bitcoins.
  • Transfer money to family and friends residing in America.
  • You can spend dollars with a debit card or credit card while traveling abroad.

Now let’s also check why opening a US bank account could be the most profitable thing if you are a resident in the US or a frequent visitor to America.

Benefits of Bank Accounts in the US, for US Residents and Frequent Visitors

If you are often traveling to the US, from India, then you should create a physical bank account to enjoy numerous advantages like-

  • Deposit your salary directly into a US domestic bank account.
  • Ready the amount in dollars via international wire transfers.
  • Build credit card scores, and avoid foreign transaction fees associated with using an International Card.
  • Grab a home loan for a property in America, and also finance your study in the US, with a student loan.

Why Do Non-Residents Find It Difficult to Open a US Bank Account?

Let us first check the reasons why opening a US bank account is difficult, and then we will discuss the steps to follow to open a US bank account.

  • Most US banks require you to be an American Citizen or have American Residency, to open a US bank account.
  • You will need to submit a Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), and also proof of address in America of Residence.
  • You will need to submit Identity proofs like Passport, Driver’s license, Government-issued photo ID, and Immigration documents.

Steps to Open a US Bank Account from India

Now let us check the step-by-step guidelines on how to open a US bank account from India.

Step 1-Collect all the Official Documentation for the account

Many digital finance companies like Aldera, Zenus bank, and Zolve help you to open a US bank account sitting in India, with just two to three documents.

  • Aldera bank only needs an Indian Passport and your Aadhar Card Number, to open a US bank account.
  • Zolve requires a valid US Visa, along with an Indian Passport, and Aadhar card number.
  • Zenus bank requires some more documentation like proof of address, taxpayer’s information, and proof of employment along with the above documents.

Step 2- Filling out the online application Form

To fill in the online application form, you will require to visit the above digital finance companies and follow the instructions given there, to open a US account. It may include your complete name, contact and personal details, and the above-mentioned documents like your Passport, US visa, Aadhar card number, and so on.

Step 3- Provide Proof of Identities

You will need to verify your identity based on your phone or email. Once, when your Identity proofs get authorized by the company, you are all set to open a US bank account from India.

With the help of various companies, it has become easy to open accounts in an American bank even without setting foot. Now many alternative banks offer the exact services and fulfill the dreams of millions of foreigners to transact in US dollars, simply sitting in India. The Us banking platforms are renowned worldwide, and it’s a privilege to open an account in the World’s largest economy.

Companies to Open a US Bank account in India

Option 1 – Aeldra Bank

Aeldra Bank is the best Finance company, with the help of which you can open a US bank account from India. With the help of merely an Indian Passport and Aadhar Card number, you can open a US bank account with Aeldra Company, the best leading company in Silicon Valley and Bangalore. The best part of using Aeldra Company is you can open an American Bank account without an American Social Security number (SSN).

Aeldra Bank provides the following Advantages.

  • No fee for opening the accounts, and also no maintenance fees.
  • A Mastercard and Debit Card to make payments in USD.
  • Deposited Insurance of $250,000
  • Grants access to the US and global stock investment portfolios.
  • Serves Indians with banking needs for employment, educational, or investment purposes.

You can open an Aeldra Bank account from India if you have customers that earn in dollars or send money to India or customers who want to Invest in the US markets.

Option 2 – Zenus Bank

You can open an account in a US bank account via Zenus Bank, which is a regulated International Digital Bank. It provides you the benefits of opening a US bank account even without residing in the US and being a citizen of America. The complete form filling is Online. The Zenus bank provides 180 countries with a filling process, to open a US bank account.

You will require an Indian Passport of yours, address proof, taxpayer document, and proof of employment.

Benefits of Opening a US Bank Account from Zenus Bank

  • You will be able to transfer money and even receive it just from Zenus bank mobile app.
  • You need not keep any minimum balance to keep running the bank account.
  • You will have no charges cut on ATM withdrawals.
  • Zenus bank provides complete security with the funds.
  • Customers who only want to send money in the US will benefit the most from the Zenus bank account, as its incoming payments are completely free.

You can open a Zenus bank account from India, as Zenus bank is a very secure option for conservative banking methods. It is an ideal option for customers who are seeking to save their earnings in US dollars, and customers from India, who want to make an easy transition, so they face no issues when they shift to the US. Also, Zenus bank is a perfect fit for students and professionals that want to save on foreign transitions, while they stay in the USA.

Option 3 – Zolve Bank Account

Zolve is a FinTech company with the help of which you can open a US bank account online from India, and that also without an American social security number. It offers official visas with granting official visas, to enter America for study or work purposes. To opt for a Zolve bank account you will merely require, An Indian Passport and a US visa.

The Zolve Bank offers its clients the following benefits

  • Zolve offers credit cards that are fully fledged, that come with no annual fees, a high credit limit, and no foreign transaction fees.
  • No opening fee for the account through zolve, and no maintenance charges.
  • You can build your credit score, deposit insurance worth $250,000
  • Manage your mobile app and do all kinds of transactions.

Opening an account through Zolve can help you to get credit cards as well as student loans.

So, in short, we can say, Aeldra bank, Zenus bank, and Zolve bank provide you with the best service to open up a US bank account from India. Moreover, these companies have their own mobile app, through which you can do all kinds of International Transactions, you were seeking, sitting in India.

Documents Required to Open a US Bank Account

As a non-resident, if you open a US Bank account, you will be able to fulfill your utmost dreams and earn in dollars, and you enter the biggest marketplace, with lots of exposure to the world around.

So, we hope you learned how, you can open a US bank account from India, and live the life of your dreams, by simply opening gateways to the many benefits of a US bank account that comes with it.

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