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How to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country? 5 Best Ways to Get a USA Phone Number

How to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country? 5 Best Ways to Get a USA Phone Number

Companies from all over the world are now eager to get a USA Mobile Number. There are plenty of reasons for it. The rising popularity of this subject expressed according to the number of questions and views on Quora reflects how big of an important question this matter is.

Fortunately, there are multiple simple ways to get a U.S. phone number in less than two minutes. There are a lot of people out there who want a phone number from the United States.

How to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country? 5 Best Ways to Get a USA Phone Number

These groups are entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and even medium-sized businesses willing to use the USA phone numbers. Some companies usually get impressed and suddenly want to work with you if you own a USA phone number or any other international phone number.

Below the article will tell you different ways to get a U.S. mobile number from any country. The steps are pretty easy, can be done by anyone, anywhere. It is less time consuming. Hence you can now get a US mobile number in a couple of minutes.

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How to Get Hold of a USA Mobile Number?

The easiest way to get a U.S. phone number in India is by purchasing a U.S. phone number online. Before getting a U.S. phone number, you need to keep certain things in mind.

  • First, make sure to short-list a service that offers a USA virtual phone number.
  • Make sure to thoroughly go through and take a good look at the FAQ and how the service works.
  • When you are, sure enough, Signup.
  • Hopefully, most of them will offer a free trial. Therefore, you can check the service before paying.
  • Make sure to choose a plan that will fit your needs ideally by assessing the features and price.
  • Once you are confirmed, pay the price.
  • Congrats. You can now start using your phone number.

You might also need a USA number for online shopping purposes. Whatever your need is, one of the services must be perfect for you to get a phone number. You also must note that several of these services are VoIP, that is, Voice Over Internet Protocol. It can require some outside hardware/set-up requirements, which might always be tricky.

Who Needs USA Number and Why?

You might need U.S. numbers for multiple reasons. It can be that the business is not based in the U.S., but if you’re currently working with U.S. customers or want to work with U.S. customers in the future, you must have a U.S. phone number. Having U.S. numbers comes with plenty of benefits.

With The Help of U.S. Numbers, Your Company Will Look Much Bigger and More Legitimate.

Getting a U.S. phone number will create a sense of familiarity with the business in front of your customers. This is important when you run an outside-US-based business.

This doesn’t take long, and it won’t be harsh on your budget as well. By doing so, you can get life-long customers that will outperform your initial investment by a huge difference.

When You Make a Call to Your U.S.-Based Customers, No International Calling Fees Will Be Charged.

When your customer faces any issue, the only way to make them stay with your business is by managing to resolve the problem. This will be possible only if they contact you in the first place. Therefore, you must ensure you have the right customer service tool for your audience. Hence your US-based customers do not have to pay additional fees to get in touch with your company.

You Can Even Select a Phone Number for Specific Cities by Focusing Largely on Your Customers.

To make service as pleasant and accessible as possible, you can get a U.S. phone number with an area code specific to that exact city. Also, customers tend to respond to U.S.-based numbers more.

With the rise in the use of virtual phone numbers, getting a U.S. phone number is easy, and it hardly takes a few minutes to set up. You no longer have to work with phone providers, set up expensive infrastructure, and wait weeks to get set up since there are virtual U.S. phone number services you can work with to get your new U.S. number.

Benefits of Using USA Phone Number

There are a lot of benefits to getting hold of a U.S. number, whether it is for your business or personal use; below are some of the benefits of using U.S. numbers.

1.   It Will Allow You to Stay Connected and Maintain a Local Presence

One of the most obvious benefits of keeping a U.S. number is that it will allow you to keep your current phone number and a local presence. This can benefit you if you travel frequently or have a business operating outside the Country. On the other hand, your customers, family, and friends are in the United States.

Using a local phone number allows you to receive ordinary local calls from family, friends, or acquaintances, even if you are physically outside the Country.

2.   Expensive International Calling Fees Are Not Charged.

Besides the first benefit, another major benefit of having a U.S. local number is that it can help you save a penny on your phone bills. If you are unfamiliar, you must know that international calling rates can be quite expensive. Hence by getting a U.S. local number, you or anyone calling you from the U.S. can avoid falling victim to these charges altogether.

You can also take advantage of any free or discounted local rates your service provider offers. It does not matter if you or the other person receiving the call is physically outside the Country as long as you both are using local phone numbers.

3.   Very Much Helpful in Career or Business Growth

Another advantage of having a U.S. local number is that it can also be helpful in terms of your career. If you live outside the Country and are looking to work for someone in the States, or you’re trying to network with people in the U.S., Having a local phone number can help you a lot. It will reflect that you’re a legit person, can be trusted, and are serious about building work-related relationships, and it is much easier for people from the U.S. to get in touch with you.

Besides this, having a U.S. local number for your business will gain more and more people’s trust. Customers would rather choose to call a local phone number of a business rather than an international one. This means more customer engagement means it will bring you more profit.

5 Ways to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country

Getting a U.S. phone number for your business or personal reasons is easy and only takes a few minutes to get over. Below are some ways you can get U.S. mobile numbers from any country.

1.   TextPlus: Get a USA Mobile Number Using TextPlus App

If you are unfamiliar, then TextPlus App is a popular free messaging app that offers users a free phone number that can be used to make calls, send text messages and also verify online accounts.

How to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country

To use the TextPlus App, you must sign up using your Email Address, Apple ID, Google Account, or Facebook Account. This App can also send calls and messages from Windows and Mac computers. Below are the steps mentioned on how to use TextPlus app to get US number without much effort.

  1. First, download the TextPlus App from Google Play Store (Android Phone) or the App Store (iPhone).
  2. Once the App gets downloaded, open TextPlus and choose the Sign Up with Email option.
  3. You must enter your email address and password to create a TextPlus Account.
  4. A new screen will appear where you need to enter the Area code for any U.S. city and tap on Continue.
  5. You then need to Select your Phone Number from the list and tap on Continue.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you must note down the number you have chosen. If you forgot to note down the number, tap on the 3-line menu icon and carefully note down your free phone number. If this App is unavailable in your Country, you have two options- either change your app store country or follow the other methods mentioned below to successfully use Google Voice Number.

Refer this Detailed Article (to get USA Number from TextPlus App)

2.   Google Voice Number: Get a USA Mobile Number Using Google Voice

In most parts of the world, google voice might not be available. To have a google voice number, you need to have a U.S.-based mobile number. To get a free U.S. number for Google voice verification, you can use TextPlus and the HeyWire App. Follow the steps given below:

  • First, search and then sign in to your Google Account:

You need to visit After that, click on for personal use and select the Web option in the drop-down menu. You will be directed to the next page, where you must sign in to your Google account by entering your Gmail ID and Password.

  • Now choose your Google Voice Number:

After successfully signing in, you will be asked to enter your city or Area Code. You can enter any U.S. City. After that, select your free Google Voice Phone Number from the list.

  • You need to enter the TextNow Number into Google Voice:

You will be asked to provide a Phone Number on the next page to receive a 6-digit verification Code from Google. After entering your TextNow Phone Number, click on the Send Code button. Your TextNow Phone Number will now receive a 6-digit Verification Code.

  • Now enter the verification code into Google Voice:

To receive the Verification Code from Google, open the NowText App and enter the Verification Code into Google Voice and click on the Verify option. You will receive a confirmation message once the verification is done, informing you that your Phone Number has been successfully added to the Google Voice account.

How to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country

If you fail to receive a verification from google voice, tap on the Resend option.

3.   SendHub: Get a USA Mobile Number Using SendHub

How to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country

This App is ideal if you are searching for any option to send bulk messages to your business app. To use SendHub, you must provide a U.S. or Canadian number for verification. Some good thing about using SendHub is that their messaging system, which includes group texts, is available from any device.

Users are also free to share contacts and files between one or many. To provide business insights, SendHub also offers strong call analytics.

4.   Sonotel: Get a USA Mobile Number Using Sonotel

How to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country

Sonotel has now started giving away 1,000,000 phone numbers worldwide without charging any cost. Anyone using their free customer chat function at their website can get hold of a free phone number anywhere and answer calls for free anywhere. Sonotel will not charge you any initial or monthly subscription fees.

You can also answer incoming calls across the Internet with the help of their new free mobile apps. This is also free. If you prefer to have calls forwarded to your mobile number, in that case, only be charged local call rates for the call forwarding. If you want to add voice response to the number to make it sound more professional when customers call you, you can do it for free. Below are a few steps to get your free number.

  • First, Sign in. Make sure to sign in or sign up at
  • Head to phone number settings by going to settings and then phone number.
  • Select your number by clicking on the + button. After this, select a country and several choices.
  • After this, select the subscription type “Free for the website” and then check out, which does not require any charge.
  • You are done. You now have a number.
  • Following the instructions, you can add the Sonotel chat widget to your website to avoid losing the number.

However, you must note that these phone numbers cannot receive automated verification SMS or calls from Banking services, Shopping sites, social media sites, or any third-party website. The reason is their virtual numbers, and their use is restricted for identity verification.

Your number might cost around $1.99 per month with a monthly subscription. You can purchase it a bit cheaper if you opt for 1 or 3-year subscriptions. You can also get the number for free if you install a free chat widget on your website, which will handle customer questions.

5.   Skype: Get a USA Mobile Number Using Skype

One of the most amazing Microsoft services is Skype, which is widely used by businesses and individuals all across the globe. Most people are unaware that one of the most important features of Skype is that it also provides U.S.-based Phone Numbers. Skype is not free; however, it is certainly a reliable way to get a U.S. Phone Number using only your Email Address by Signing-up for Skype. One of the benefits of using Skype is that it gives you the advantage of using it on virtually any device.

How to Get a USA Mobile Number from Any Country

The only real drawback is that Skype’s list of available countries is pretty short. However, you can still get a USA phone number and also manage to get a local number for the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Virgin Islands, as well as those of Asian countries. The steps to get a U.S. number using Skype are as follows:

  • On your desktop, visit the Skype number page.
  • You need to select the United States as the Country in which you want to purchase the Skype Number.
  • You can click on Continue on the next screen if you are happy with the number provided by Skype. You can click on the Show other local numbers option if you are not. From there, you can select another Phone Number from the list of numbers provided by Skype. You can also choose to select numbers from other U.S. Cities by clicking on Choose a different location option.
  • At last, complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

Also, make sure to purchase credits that will help you to make calls to landline and mobile numbers both. Besides the United States, Skype Numbers are also available in many other countries. In most countries, the phone number is instantly activated as soon as your payment is processed. The cost of a Skype Phone Number differs depending on the Country for which the Phone Number is required.

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As you can see, it is pretty straightforward to get a U.S. phone number. Hence in less than 2 minutes, you will get your brand-new U.S. phone number and a customer service app. This will let you build a helpline that is going to offer support for your worldwide audience. Get ready to reach beyond the borders by getting a U.S. phone number. This will take your business to where it deserves to be.

With the help of the above App, you can build an international-ready helpline that can be customized to your and your customers’ needs. The apps mentioned above will also offer you a vast inventory of numbers to choose from so you can find the right option to suit your business.

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