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EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Power Station Review

EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Power Station Review

Are extended electricity blackouts ruining your work? No worries! Portable power stations like Ecoflow are the solution to it. In this article, I’ve talked about EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Power Station Review.

Without wasting any time sobbing about electricity problems that are likely to occur during bad weather. Put your hands on this incredible power station to make your experience much easier.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Power Station Review

Not just this but you can also light up your expeditions through the Ecoflow Delta 2 Power Station without deeming where you are. Due to its portable size, you can carry it anywhere with you or where you might fear the absence of electricity can cause obstacles in your work.

We have tested other power stations too. But the Ecoflow power station is the best in every aspect. It’s much safer to use. And has extended life as compared to ordinary portable power stations.

EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Power Station Review

Its best perks include that this power station doesn’t take much time to fully charge. And now due to it, there is no need for burning fossil fuels on your forest adventures Moreover it charges its battery from various sources including renewable energy too.

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Features of EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Power Station

So, let’s dive into its incredible features to explore how it can work to contribute to bringing easiness to your life.

●     Capacity

It comes with a battery having a capacity of about 1-3 kWh. And this can run your entire house for 16 hours. Moreover, you can also attach extra batteries if you want to have more hours of work from this power station. It can be an iconic choice for your adventurous campaigns, or during off-grinding etc.

●     Rapid Charging

Ecoflow power stations aren’t like ordinary power stations, which take almost a whole day for charging. But it takes 50 minutes and you’ll get the power stations 80% charged.

●     Output

This product gives an output of about 1800W. Hence you can connect 90% of your home appliances with it. Moreover, there are 15 outlets thus having ample space for connecting many devices at a time.

●     Green Charge

If your power station has run out of charging and there is no electricity. Then due to its green charging ability, you can charge it with solar energy without being concerned about electric power feeding.

●     Battery

The EcoFlow power station is built with an LFP (LiFePO4) battery that works 5 times better than ordinary ones. Certainly, it’s lightweight and has about 3000+ life cycles, which means that it can facilitate you for almost 6 years.

Due to its BMS system, the battery doesn’t overcharge and saves it from a sudden large flow of current. And these safety parameters are the reason for its long life.

●     Wattage

You can connect your heavy appliances,

without fear of running out of battery. Because it can store about 1025 Watts of energy that can assist you for a day easily.

●     Cables

It comes with AC charging, and a car charging cable so you don’t have to hassle in the market to search for it separately. And its DC 5521- DC 5525 cable wear-resistant ability makes them work for a prolonged time. Therefore, we can see that Ecoflow doesn’t even compromise on its cable quality.

●     App Control

The remarkable boon of using an Ecoflow power station is that you can control it through its app. It comes with diverse options through which you can have an eye on its charging data. Additionally, you can customize the setting option too according to your necessity. And you can also adjust the charging speed through this app.

Bring ease during an electricity blackout today!

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Key specifications

ManufacturerEF EcoFlow
Item Weight27 pounds
Product Dimensions‎15.7 x 11.1 x 8.3 inches
StyleDelta 2
Speciality‎Portable, Easy to Install, Fast charging
Engine Type4 Stroke
Run Time50 mins
Display StyleLCD
No. of handles2


  • Long battery timing.
  • Can be controlled through mobile applications.
  • Instant auto-switch between AC and battle.
  • Portable.
  • It can be charged through various power outlets.


  • It doesn’t come with a cable for the solar panel.
  • It produces a little noise while charging. (But it’s tolerable)

EcoFlow Extra Batteries

Extra batteries are a great helping hand on your long journeys. If you need more power for your equipment. You can go for attaching extra batteries with your portable power station. It increases the storage capacity of the power station. And charges the appliance more promptly. Hence keeping in view its import, we have picked out the best Ecoflow extra batteries for you. Let’s jump on this detailed information so that you can make a better choice.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Extra Battery

●     Capacity

This has an expanded capacity of about 2048 kWh. Hence you can easily take it anywhere outdoors. And can take advantage of its long usage. Moreover, its size is small so you don’t have to worry about space.

●     Durability

This LFP features an EcoFlow extra battery with over 3000 cycles, which can be used for extended hours without running out. Consequently, its lifespan is longer than that of other types.

●     Multiple Charging Sources

In addition to AC outlets and car outlets, you can also charge them with solar panels and generators. Due to the multiple options available, even if one item isn’t available, you won’t be inconvenienced.

●     Versatility

It can charge 90% of your home appliances thanks to its 1800W output. With its 16-hour battery life, you can easily use it for a whole day.

●     Easy Monitoring

Through its app, you can easily monitor its charging status, remaining hours, and other settings even if you’re not at home.

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Key Specifications

Power SourceSolar Powered, Battery Powered
Item Weight27 Pounds
Voltage110 V
Runtime1 hour and 20 minutes


  • Portable.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.


  • If you hook up 4 solar panels, the battery may burn out.

EcoFlow DELTA Max Extra Battery

●     Capacity

Its capacity is 2019 kWh. Moreover, you can attach more batteries and can increase its capacity up to 6048 kWh. Hence, it’s more than enough to run your appliances for a whole day.

●     Customizable Setting

You can control it with the help of its app. And can customize various entities like slow or fast charging and other data too.

●     Fast Charging

It can charge your appliances in less than two hours. This is all due to its built-in lithium-ion that provides instant energy.

●     Versatility

Ecoflow delta max battery can charge 99% of your devices. And it has 15 outlets so you can connect 15 devices at a time.

●     Warranty and Reviews

It had a warranty of a year and has been reviewed by 500+ people around the globe along with a 4.7-star rating.

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Key Specifications

Item Weight46 Pounds
Product Dimensions‎18.3 x 9.3 x 11.1 inches
Power SourceSolar power and Battery Powered
Voltage5 Volts


  • Light Weight.
  • Expanded Capacity up to 6kWh.
  • Can run up to 16 hours without any need for charging.
  • Inbuilt boosting technology.


  • Its overcharging several times may result in a reduction of its life span.


Make your lives easier by using EcoFlow’s portable power station and extra batteries. The products quoted above are well-analyzed and they have all the characteristics that can assist you in every situation regarding electric blackouts. The portable power stations and extra batteries have a life span of above 5 years whereas an ordinary battery only lasts for a year. So, make the best choice and keep your lives lit up anywhere in the world.

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