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7 Best Budget Office chairs for Entrepreneurs

7 Best Budget Office chairs for Entrepreneurs

An Entrepreneur is someone who has control of his/her time and money, the two most important things that matter while starting up a business. Best Budget Office Chairs

To save on the initial investment, you have to get the right and budget-friendly furniture and office chairs that can hold your workspace steady.

There are various types of office chairs available in the market today and it can be confusing for entrepreneurs to spend their hard-earned money on expensive products.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, everyone needs good office chairs. They are used in your workspace and help you get your job done faster and easier.

One of the first things you come across when looking for office chairs for your business is price. Are you going to shell out thousands of dollars on expensive name brands that you know nothing about?

Or do you take a more budget-conscious approach? If so, maybe there’s still some hope left in your business after all.

7 Best Budget Office Chairs for Entrepreneurs

1)  Modway EEI-757 ($150.99 or ₹12324)

7 Best Budget Office Chairs for Entrepreneurs

This Modway EEI-757 articulate, ergonomic office chair is best for almost all entrepreneurs who spend almost all day sitting on a chair. This chair is available in various colors including black, brown, grey, green, red, and blue.

It provides great comfort to its users and it has a 6″ thick mesh seat cushion. It is a highly affordable office chair and costs only $172. It weighs 36 pounds but can hold weight up to 331 lbs.

You can adjust its arms and its height according to your liking. Its dimensions (LxWxH) are 26.5″, 26″, and. 34-39″ respectively. It has the perfect size as an office chair and can be kept on hardwood or carpeted floors as it has five dual-wheel casters.

It is made with a combination of different high-quality materials including wood, nylon, polypropylene, and iron.

2)  Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Chair ($121.76 or ₹9937.69)

7 Best Budget Office Chairs for Entrepreneurs

This mid-black swivel chair from Flash Furniture comes in two different styles. One is “contemporary” while the other is “mid-back drafting”. The prices are different for both of these chairs. The contemporary one costs $226 while the other one costs $217.9.

There are a lot of colors available for these chairs including black, blue, grey, green, red, and white. Its soft and comfy seat is made of leather and it has an adjustable foot ring and flip-up arms.

The chair comes to you unassembled and to assemble it properly you gotta take a thorough look at the manual. The dimensions (DxWxH) of the product are 25.5″, 24.5″, and 43.2″ – 50.7″ respectively. It has a ventilated curved back which makes it breathable and best for home or office.

This chair weighs about 33 pounds and can hold up to 250 pounds. It has many features that make you want it including a 360° swivel seat, tilt lock, flip-up arms, pressure relieving waterfall edge, adjustable foot ring, tension control, and dual wheel casters.

3)  Da URBAN Miller revolving Office Chair ($60.51 or ₹4938.34)

7 Best Budget Office Chairs for Entrepreneurs

Da URBAN Miller revolving chair is one of those chairs that are best for indoor office use. This chair costs $111.7 or ₹8,999.0. This ergonomic desktop chair helps you improve your imposture and provides you with a chance to work in comfort.

Its bonded leather lumbar support and soft seat cushion will make you feel like you are sitting on a sofa. You can assemble this chair by following the simple steps mentioned in the manual. This 360° swivel chair has a tilt lock mechanism, adjustable height, tension control knob, metal legs, and nylon casters. 

This chair is available in only black color. It weighs 15 kg and is highly durable, it can hold weight up to 100 kg. The dimensions of the chair are 77D x 64W x 43.5H centimeters.

This chair comes with a warranty of 6 months in case of manufacturing damage. The material of the seat is faux leather while that of the frame is wood.

4)  Green Soul Monster Ultimate ($241.25 or ₹19690)

7 Best Budget Office Chairs for Entrepreneurs

The Green Soul Monster Ultimate “S” series multifunctional and ergonomic chair is really popular due to some of its features that are not found in other chairs. It has 5 color options including black, blue, grey, white, and red.

This chair is mostly preferred by gamers as most of its features are best for gaming but it is also used as an office chair. This chair is slightly more expensive than other chairs on the list because it is related to gaming. But still, it is affordable and budget-friendly. It costs ₹35,533.0 or $441.5.

The spandex fabric used in this chair is soft and makes it breathable. Its seat is made of molded foam and also allows you to sit with your legs crossed on it. Its neck pillow and memory foam lumbar pillow made of velour material help you to say goodbye to an aching body.

It has a warranty of 3 years in case of any damage to the chair. The dimensions (DxWxH) of the chair are 50 cm, 71 cm, and 133 cm respectively. The weight of the chair is 23 kilograms while it can hold a maximum weight of 120 kilograms.

5)  Apollo Chrome Base Office Chair ($64.58 or ₹5271)

7 Best Budget Office Chairs for Entrepreneurs

Apollo Chrome Base Office Chair with high back is a product of the brand “Savya Home”. It has a dual-tone T-type armrest with a contoured wide top. Its backrest can be locked at an upright position and can be tilted back and forth. It has a thick molded polyurethane seat cushion and a breathable mesh back.

It has an Alloy Steel Chrome plated base which is 50% heavier than other plastic and steel bases. It has a 5-inch high and 2-inch thick padded seat that provides you with comfort all day long. Its assembly is required when it comes to you. You can assemble it yourself with the help of the instructions manual and toolkit provided in the package.

It costs $223.4 and ₹18,000.0. The length of the chair is 25 inches, the width is 26 inches, and the height can be 48 to 53 inches. This chair had gone under various tests and as a result of these tests, it was concluded that it holds a maximum 125 kg weight capacity. Its color is black with some parts that are colored silver. There are no other color variations available for this chair.

6)  Branch Ergonomic Chair ($329 or ₹26851.99)

7 Best Budget Office Chairs for Entrepreneurs

The Branch Ergonomic Chair is one of the best choices for office chairs. The price of this chair is $299. You can work comfortably while sitting on it for 8+ hours. It has a contoured and double-layered mesh backrest to provide you with active posture and firm lumbar rest to adjust the lower back. Its lumbar rest is not fixed and can be removed in case of any discomfort.

It has a five-star anodized aluminium base which makes it highly durable. It provides ergonomic support to bodies of all shapes and sizes and has a weight-holding capacity of 300lbs.

The dimensions (DxWxH) of the chair are 24″, 25″, and 38-42″ respectively. It has two color options for its frame which are back and white. While it has three color variations for its seat including black, grey, and blue.

This chair is trusted by 300+ professional teams who get to work comfortably thanks to this chair. A lot of positive responses from the customers have proved that this chair is worth the hype.

7)  Hon Exposure ($174.99 or ₹14201.36)

7 Best Budget Office Chairs for Entrepreneurs

Hon Exposure mesh task computer chair is the best choice for your office. It is an affordable chair and costs $230. Its contoured sandwich mesh seat and dramatic mesh back make it breathable and help you focus on the work only.

It is fully adjustable which means you can adjust the seat position, seat height, and seat width according to your comfort. Its base is made of five-star resin which makes it durable enough to hold weight up to 250lbs. Its 2-way adjustable arms and adjustable lumbar support ensure your comfort 24/7.

Only high-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of this chair. These materials include plastic, metal, mesh, and fabric. The dimensions of the product are 26.75″ (D), 26.5″ (W), and 42.5″ (H). The weight of the chair is 40 pounds. Moreover, this chair comes with a warranty of 5 years.


If you are tired of sitting on stiff and hard chairs all day long, and always have an aching body by the end of the day, then this article is for you. We have got you a list of the 7 best office chairs under budget that are bound to provide you with comfort during your work.

All these chairs are budget-friendly and each one has different features. Through this list, you will get to know all the features of the 7 best chairs and then you can decide which one is suitable for you.

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